The new generation of [ IOT ] is in our hands now !

Thanks to the world wide web and our smart mobile phones we can now access and control a vast variety of gadgets in our home, office … no matter where we are . All we need is internet access and our mobile phone to gain complete control with just a single touch .

“How may we do that ?” you might ask !
We offer you NEXIIO the newest generation of [ IOT ] HomeSmart Gadgets , NEXIIO projects can be installed and run easily on any unit/building no matter how old or at which level of construction it may be, thanks to the traditional based power system that our gadgets use we can easily manage to provide and present the best service possible in the shortest amount of time.

There are many examples that can be mentioned in order to provide a vision of our technology , but what’s more trustworthy than your own personal experience in our office’s showroom , we invite you to try out every single element provided by NEXIIO in our office with an Earlier Appointment located in – Tehran, Iran .

Lets take a quick tour of some scenarios that can be easily dealt with using NEXIIO Gadgets & Its Application :

1- You have already left your house in a summer , but forgot to turn off a few of your air conditioners .
NEXIIO’s Answer : Open the application – Turn Off the any of the air conditioners .

2- You are getting home from your office in a winter , and would like to turn the Heating system on & get the room temperature to a certain point before you arrive .
NEXIIO’s Answer : Open the application – Turn On the Thermostat and set it to the desired setting .
(while you are at your office)

3- Curtains of your office are left wide open , but you are resting in your bedroom at home .
NEXIIO’s Answer : Open the application – Close your office’s curtains as far as you want it to go .
(while you are at home)

4- Let’s say you enter the house and you would like to use a switch to turn everything On/Off .
NEXIIO’s Answer : Set Switch anywhere you like – Program them through your mobile application – Set everything Off / On with just a touch .
(personalized scenarios for all the gadgets)

5- You would like to be informed if any entrance is made to your warehouse .
NEXIIO’s Answer : Set up a Door Contact Sensor on the warehouse entry – Every Opening/Closing of the door will send a notification to your phone right away .

6- On your way to your villa outside the city , you want your swimming pool to fill up just as you arrive in a 47 minutes drive .
NEXIIO’s Answer : Connect your power house system / water pump to our Smart Power Socket and set how long you would like for it to work using your mobile application

Yes !! Its Exactly As Simple As The Examples Said Above !
Check out below !

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